Prisoners share their cells with a dog and it has a magical effect


Canine CellMates is a foundation that runs and offers a life changing program for convicted people, and we love it. This foundation collaborates with the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta in hopes of helping inmates learn how to re-integrate into the society and the life that awaits them outside of prison, as well as reduce criminal recidivism. 


This program allows prisoners to take care of dogs for two months, and it’s been reported how this bonding results in many benefits. 

Prisoners share

According to J.Lennox Gavin, a professional dog trainer and a director of training for Canine CellMates, spending time around dogs has an incredibly positive effect on inmates’ behavior. They learn responsibility and develop life skills that would hopefully keep them out of trouble. Instead of getting into dangerous and illegal acts, they spend their time bonding with their fur buddies. Gavin also states how dogs help inmates learn how to face problems in a positive way. After the program was implemented, the number of violent incidents reported decreased significantly, and that’s a good sign that this program works.

One particular case that resulted with success is that of inmate John Dolan and his companion, the pit bull named George. Amazingly, shortly after these two were introduced to each other, John showed improvement in his previously troubled behavior. He says how George helped him stay away from drugs and helped him get creative. He now sells his draftsman and looks at life with optimism.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about this awesome program. 



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