Pug Took In Kittens – Who Were Abandoned In A Stairwell


The pug felt that it had to step in..

Meet these three tiny kittens: Conker, Pumpkin and Pickle. They previously faced a rough start in life, born in a London stairwell and left to die. They were then rescued and brought to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, where they met Peppa the Pug. Peppa was also a stray dog, and Battersea took her in back in April. Staff predicted that Peppa was previously used for illegal dog breeding as she had mastitis, in which her mammary glands were infected.

Peppa was adopted by Battersea’s Canine Behaviourist and Training Advisor, Louise Taylor. The woman had fostered the canine all the while during her surgery recuperation period. In turn, Louise is now fostering Conker, Pickle and Pumpkin!  The three kittens were only a day old, thus they required bottle-feeding around the clock. Peppa decided they were her responsibility, and took on the role of a foster mother herself! Peppa washes them regularly and showers them with motherly love – as if they were her own young.

Peppa would also never let Conker, Pickle or Pumpkin out of her sight, either! As of late, all three kittens already have pre-arranged homes they can go to once they become old enough to be adopted. “It’s been lovely to see the four of them together, especially knowing these three kittens had such an unlucky start in life,” Louise says fondly.

Watch Pepppa in action in the video below!

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