Punish elderly couple that dragged pet dog behind the car for miles!

pet dog

This outrageous case has caused waves of shock all across social media. We are in the 21st century and look at what types of incidents take place in Romania. This appalling scene unfolded in the village of Pustinis, Timis county, in the western part of the country.

An elderly couple was caught on camera severely mistreating their pet dog. It all started when the pooch was believed to be misbehaving. The woman confessed to repeatedly poking the dog with a pitchfork. Then, her husband had another idea to punish the dog and the reason is simply astonishing: because he believed the dog’s eyes looked weird and out of fear the animal might be possessed, they tied up the defenseless canine behind their car and dragged him around the village for miles, before being stopped by concerned villagers. Witnesses pulled out their phones and started recording the scene and uploaded the footage on social media, calling for justice. The video was viewed hundreds of times and drew heavy criticism.

The dog was an extremely poor state of health after being dragged around for miles.

The couple did not seem to be bothered at all by the events, but eventually agreed to untie the wounded dog and surrender him. The helpless canine was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment. He is badly wounded, but is expected to survive.

The car’s license plate is: TM 82 JUO. Tracing these irresponsible and heartless people should pose no problem for the authorities, if there is any will to do this.

One of the dog’s owners.

elderly couple

The shocking images were captured in Western Romania and sparked online outrage.

Angry citizens from Timisoara, the biggest city in the area, came down to Pustinis to demand an explanation from the attackers, but the cowards were not at home; their current whereabouts remain unknown and some fret they might have run away.

This elderly couple needs to be held accountable and there is no way they should be allowed to get away with it. We demand that the law is applied to the fullest and these monsters get what they deserve.

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