Pup With Matted Fur Gets Rescued From Icy Situation


A dog named Pilgrim was homeless and living as a stray on the streets. He tried to seek refuge from the snow under a van, but it was so cold that he was nearly frozen to the snowy ground. His fur was so dirty and matted that it even had icicles hanging off it.

Thankfully for Pilgrim, rescuers of Stray Rescue of St. Louis spotted him and went to help him right away. He was found hiding under a car, which made the rescuers difficult to get to him.

matted fur

One of the rescuers was able to use a snare while reaching under the car to put it around his neck. She tried to pull him out in a gentle manner, but the dog was too nervous and scared to move. Pilgrim started to yelp at the rescuer, but was eventually rescued successfully and brought to safety.

They brought Pilgrim to their trauma center, where they had to shave off 5.6 pounds of ice-coated matted fur. Upon shaving his fur off, they realized that his hind legs may be injured. After an x-ray, they learned that Pilgrim actually had a broken pelvis, along with several other fractured bones.

They are currently planning for Pilgrim’s surgery while continues to recover. Pilgrim is only about two years old and still has a long life ahead of him. Thankfully, he will not be alone and having to fend for himself out on the streets this time.

Watch his story below!

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