Puppy Accidentally Stepped On A Coyote Trap — But Help Was Nearby


A dog, later named Hermione, had been abandoned by her previous family all alone in a forest in South Carolina. The dog had been living there for a year until one fateful day – she had accidentally stepped on a rusty coyote trap, injuring her leg in the process. Animal Control and the local police knew about Hermione, and tried to capture her for five days without success as she kept running away. Humane traps did not work either.

The team from HopeForPaws were then asked to fly from California and save Hermione. Loreta Frankonyte and Eldad Hagar, along with the local authorities, searched for the dog all day but to no avail. They figured out that Hermione was scared of the officers in particular – thus they requested for permission to work as a duo instead the next day.

coyote trap

From a distance, the duo could see that the heavy metal coyote trap had crushed Hermione’s front paw badly. The trap had caused a lot of pain and distress for the poor dog, thus her excessive licking to soothe it. The pair spent two hours trying to gain her trust, but Hermione kept walking away.

All of a sudden, Hermione got spooked by sudden movements and hurriedly retreated back into the woods. The team in charge of Hermione’s rescue knew they needed soccer nets to catch her, so they had those shipped overnight. A team of twelve local volunteers helped to pull up the soccer net while the rest lured her into the ‘trap’ via a chase through the woods after 6 days.

After a trip to the vet, the rusty trap was finally off her paw. Plus, Hermione suffered from heartworms, and had her leg in stitches and bandages due to her rotting paw. She had to be put on a string of painkillers to numb the pain.

Local authorities transported her to Los Angeles to Dr. Robert Olds, another vet responsible for constructing a new paw for Hermione via surgeries. After a couple of months, Hermione is all healthy again, awaiting a new home and now able to walk – thanks to her rescuers!

Watch Hermione’s story in the video below!

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