Puppy Beaten to Death by Owner’s Boyfriend because It Chewed His Headset


A poor puppy ended dead after it was severely beaten by its owner’s boyfriend. The reason was because the animal chewed on the culprit’s headphones. Before he did the horrific deed he called his girlfriends and told her what happened. He also warned her how he’s going to kill her pet as a punishment for the ruined headset.

The woman couldn’t believe what she was hearing and believed he won’t really do what he said he will. Sadly, she later learned the puppy was beaten and was taken to the vet where it succumbed to the injuries.

The woman was afraid to report the case to the police but one of her coworkers who knew what happened couldn’t stay silent and told some officers at the Great Falls Police Department what happened.

Source: Hanny Naibaho/Unsplash

Autopsy revealed the pup had broken ribs and punctured lung. It was more than enough evidence that the animal was in fact killed. The boyfriend, 26-year-old Austin Corey Pierson, was questioned and he explained how he got furious at the puppy, Sadie, after he discovered his brand new XBOX headset was destroyed.

Source: Voice For Us/Facebook

He further said how he kicked Sadie but now felt awful about what he did. However, feeling bad wasn’t enough punishment for this dog killer. He was arrested on two counts of aggravated animal cruelty and we truly hope he will serve jail time.

As for sweet Sadie, we are so sorry she died in such manner.

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