Puppy Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail When She Leaves Animal Shelter



There are a multitude of sweet dogs in the world but many of them come with very sad stories. Matilda is one of them. She was found as a stray when she was just a few months old. Her skin was highly irritated when she was first discovered. She also had a bad case of worms. Fortunately, she was found by a kind person who took her to get the help she needed.

She was taken to the good folks at Douglas County Animal Shelter. Matilda was provided with the treatment that she needed and given a nice, warm bed to sleep in. She was grateful for shelter after having been forced to live on the streets. As for the shelter staff, they seemed to take to her immediately. Her kind and gracious nature made her an instant hit.

“She was the cutest thing ever,” says Santina Sanders. As a shelter volunteer, she meets a lot of animals in similar predicaments but there was something about Matilda. The dog had realized that she was in a safe place and was behaving accordingly. Her tail would wag incessantly. The videos of her tail wagging will have you dying of laughter.

It almost looks like her tail is coin operated or even battery powered. We have yet to see a tail wag like this before and we doubt that we ever will again. Santina even wrote a Facebook post in her honor. Pibbles & More Animal Rescue heard about how awesome she is. They decided to come pick her up and provide her with the foster home that she so richly deserved.

This would give her the chance to get used to living in actual residence before she found a more permanent owner. Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo was the lucky driver who got the chance to take her to the foster home. Once she realized that she was being taken to a new home, she could not wipe the grin off her face. The infamous tail was also going crazy during the process.

Kerrie Rich took her in and she was ecstatic to be there. She loves her new foster home. Her favorite things to do are give her foster mother kisses and play with her new siblings. We are sure that she is going to find a forever home very soon. Whoever ends up with her over the long haul will be one of the luckiest people walking the planet.

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