Puppy Got Sick After Being Dyed Purple So He Was Left Alone To Die



Some rescuers got a call about a puppy that was ditched in the middle of nowhere to die. The poor soul had troubles breathing and his tiny body was all covered in splashes of purple color.

The sight left the rescuers confused as they had no idea what had the puppy gone through or how did he end up struggling for his life.

On top of all, he had a severe eye infection so neither the vets, nor the rescuers were certain whether that was the reason why the puppy was abandoned in such manner. They also said how they believed that the wrongdoers dyed him with purple dye after which he developed an allergic reaction. So instead of contacting a vet, they probably got scared and dumped him.

Anyways, these were all just assumptions as no one knew the real truth.

But now as the puppy was in safe hands, his past didn’t matter. He was about to receive tons of love from people who cared.

His vibrant personality along with his will to fight for his life brought better days ahead of him.

The sweet pup was placed in a foster family that loves him to the moon and back. He blended in perfectly and is spending his days having lots of food, playing with a bunch of toys, and hanging around with his older and bigger dog sibling.

The authorities are still investing his case and we hope that whoever placed the pup in a life-threatening situation in the first place will be soon brought to justice.

We send our love and pray for the beautiful puppy to find his forever home.

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