Puppy tied with a short rope for making an innocent mistake



Dogs are like little children. If you invest quality time in teaching them right from wrong, they will behave accordingly. Many dog owners, however, expect from their dogs to be the perfect pets without giving them the love and the affection they need, and by punishing them for banal reasons.

When a sweet cream-colored pooch soiled in the house, his owner decided to teach him a lesson by doing something cruel and unthinkable. As if saying “no” and train the dog wouldn’t help, he tied it to a window grille with a short rope. The poor animal was left dangling by its neck. The sight was terrifying.

The dog wouldn’t stop barking, hoping someone would hear his cries for help. Unable to lie down, he was forced to stand on his feet all along. The incident took place in Guangzhou, China, where we know dogs aren’t really treated with much respect.

Thankfully, after noticing the struggling pup, a neighbor alerted the local animal right group who came at the scene as quickly as they could.

It was obvious the dog was punished in this manner before and he was neglected by the owners. The poor soul hadn’t had any food or water in days. He was forced to hang on that rope thirsty and starving.

The worst part was that when the owner spotted the volunteers, he started arguing with them. The mean man said the punishment was fair and well deserved. He refused to surrender the dog, but the pup eventually ended in the hands of his rescuers.

The owner wouldn’t face any charges as the laws in China don’t protect dogs from being neglected or maltreated.

Below is the video of the rescue which contains disturbing images so proceed with caution.

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