Puppy was tied behind a car and dragged so badly she had to be put into a coma, she was saved by a hero just in time


The way certain individuals behave towards animals is simply outrageous. Every living being deserves to be treated with ultimate respect and as long as we see animals as inferior, we don’t really deserve to call ourselves humans.

Remi is a dog that suffered horrific injuries because a lunatic decided to tie her to the tow bar of their vehicle and drag her behind the moving car. If it wasn’t for a man who witnessed the gruesome act, the dog would have died in excruciating pain. Thankfully, this guy name Jeremy took a notice of the dog just in time, rushed towards the abuser’s vehicle and made them stop the car. He then untied the poor pup and rushed her to a vet.

The incident took place on February 10, in Brisbane, Queensland.

The dog was reported to have numerous bruises all over her body, open wounds because her skin and bones were grazed on the road, ripped paw pads from one of her legs, and a broken jaw.

In a bid to save her life, doctors had to put Remi into an induced coma for a week. They were honest, however, that the chances of survival were very low. But this dog turned to be a real warrior who wasn’t willing to give up on her life just yet. She is currently undergoing treatments that would cost around $3,000. But thanks to kind-hearted people, double the sum was raised in just 22 hours after the Happy Tails Animal Rescue set a GoFundMe page.

Sally Chapman, the president of the rescue group took the time to share Remi’s case on their Facebook page, writing: “She’s got possibly a broken jaw, severe bruising around the jaw, one of her front paw pads was ripped completely off, and the grazes go through to the bone,” she said. “One thing they are concerned about is the damage she’s had to her tendons, so she’s got really weak tendons.”

This brave pup needs around the clock care until she recovers. Thankfully, Jeremy, the guy who saved her, re-bandages her wounds every few days. Remi is also taking meds such as pain relief pills and antibiotics for the high-risk wound infection. She still doesn’t trust humans, but it looks as though she knows Jeremy is there for her, giving her all the love she needs to put the ordeal behind her.

This is what the GoFundMe page says about Remi, who got the name by the man who saved her. “Last week Happy Tails Animal Rescue received an unbelievable phone call. A man had witnessed a dog tied to a towbar being dragged behind the car down a road and with some quick thinking and incredible bravery, he had forced the car to stop, untied the dog and rushed her to a vet to try to save her.”

“This hero (Jeremy) desperately needed our help to save the puppy. Even though we had no vets in the area, and have a waiting list of animals needing vetwork already, we knew we had to help. We couldn’t let this little pup die a painful death because of an act of human cruelty,” they added.

The extra funds that were raised will be spent on treating other animals in need of help.

In order for cruelty over animals to be avoided at any cost, we should start educating our children from an early age that every animal is an important part of this planet we all share together and should never, ever be harmed. PETA advises every person to spread to the young ones that it is unacceptable to torture any living being, no matter what it is. If we really care for the well-being of the animals, we have to stand for them and be their voice.

PETA also encourages everyone not to be afraid to report any act of animal cruelty to the authorities. It is also very important not to ignore any act of animal cruelty done by a child. Always make sure to tell them that behavior is unacceptable. Also, make sure the child’s parents are alerted of their kid’s act. In case they don’t treat it as a serious and alarming behavior, get a social worker involved. No matter who does it, an act of animal cruelty and abuse should never go unreported and unpunished.

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