Rare Sight Of Humpback Whales Feeding Caught On Camera


In Seward, a city located all the way in the Kenai Peninsula Borough of Alaska, is a highly popular scenic spot for many tourists. Famous for whale watching, people from everywhere gather for a cruise which journeys into the Kenai Fjords National Park, in hopes of seeing the whales. A few years back, two men named Brad Rich and Tony Flanders, gotten great luck while they were boating off the coasts of Seward.

Brad and Tony were out on their boat when they spotted something peculiar in the distance. A flock of seagulls were circling an area of the fjord – and this led Brad to guess that whales were also feeding nearby.

Humpback whales and marine birds share a symbiotic relationship – the whales feed by using their blowholes to blast sand eels and fish towards the surface of the water, called ‘bubble feeding’. The whale proceeds to swim towards the surface with its mouth open, swallowing its meal in just one bite.

Humpback Whales Feeding

As the whales blow the fish towards the surface of the water, other animals such as gulls will take advantage of these large schools of fish which are conveniently located right at the surface. Therefore, spotting gulls near whales aren’t an uncommon sight!

Humpback Whales Feeding

The two men were in for an unforgettable surprise, as they rowed their boat closer..

Out of nowhere, nearly a dozen whales suddenly breach from the water – and they were only a mere feet away from their boat! The whales nearly tipped their boat over, but that did not stop the men’s excitement.

The whales are the symbol of nature’s natural beauty, and viewing them up close like the two men did is sure a huge surprise!

Watch the rare scene below!

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