Rescue Dog Or Pug Learns How To Walk – Pug Rescue Stories


It is a video of a pug rescue stories where you will see how a rescue dog is trying to walk with its rescuer. This little pug showed up in a box on my friend’s doorstep. Since The owner of the channel “leah3388” claims that he/she volunteer with a dog rescue, the friend called him/her.

pug rescue stories

They found she was unable to walk, seemed to have a skin problem, and her nails looked like they had never been trimmed. A couple of them had grown back around inside her toe pads.

pug rescue stories

The vet believed she may have lost the use of her legs because she simply stopped using her back legs since her feet hurt so badly. She has only been with me for 2 days but is already showing inspirational levels of improvement! She is sweet, friendly, happy and affectionate.

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