Rescue Dog Senses Danger In The Wall And Wakes Dad In The Middle Of The Night


Dogs have proven many times that they are man’s best friend, but rescue dogs are those special creatures who besides the loyalty, show their humans gratitude for saving them and giving them a new lease of life every single day. Many times, they repay their owners for accepting them when no one else wanted to embrace them. That is exactly the case with the sweet, loving pup named Carl. This dog, who is now considered a Wonder Pup saved his owner’s life in return.


When he visited the shelter that day, Drew Smith from San Diego planned on getting a Golden Retriever, but he somehow returned home with Carl. When he says there was instant chemistry felt between them, you better trust him. For the first couple of weeks, Carl was the most quiet dog. He would stay by his owner’s side, but he would never bark. He really was an easy-going pup. 

One night, however, Drew could hear Carl’s loud barking and that was enough to raise the flag that something wasn’t right. When he got out of bed and headed towards the wall where Carl was staying, he realized the dog felt smoke. The house was on fire. Luckily, the dog alerted Drew about it just on time so that he could call for help.

This story is truly amazing. Carl was able to save his owner, just the way Drew saved him back then.

Take a look at the whole story in the video below.


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