Rescue A Skelton Dog On The Street For Great Transformation


Rescue a Skelton dog on the street by Animal Aid is an surprising act. If you love dog, you will obviously like the work of Animal Aid.

A street dog which has been probably abandoned by its master and thrown on the street, has really suffering life. So it is walking on the street and watched by the members of Animal Aid. They found it seemed very sad. Scabs covered skin and bone. It was so exhausted from running trying to escape from her pain.

It was really sweet and the members of Animal Aid started to give treatment. It needed food, treatment and rest. It get all the necessary things for saving its life from them.

A beautiful warm medicate bath was given. After all the takes care, its become feel well and comes to life.

rescue skeleton dog
YouTube Screenshoot

Watch the rescue and transformation video of Mary Named by Animal Aid:

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