Rescued Cat Changes Color Fur Due To Vitiligo And Now She Looks Like A Completely Different Cat – PAWS PLANET


Two years ago, Nicole Böhm rescued two kittens (Elli and her sister Rosie) living on a farm in Germany. When Nicole found the kittens, they were tiny, covered in mites, and had infections. At that moment, she decided to adopt the siblings and took them both home.

One day, Böhm noticed something strange on Elli’s coat and she didn’t know why, so she took her to the vet. Turns out, Elli was diagnosed with vitiligo — a rare condition which causes the loss of pigment in the skin and fur, leading to the change of coloring.
She began to get white spots in 2017 and turned almost completely white in 2018. She transformed with white fur and beautiful black markings around her eyes and ears. After two years, Elli looks like a totally different cat.

Despite undergoing a dramatic transformation about appearance, however, Elli’s sweet nature remained unchanged. Her special look just makes her all the more adorable and the most important is that Elli is in great healthy and happy. “Her personality is the same as ever. It doesn’t matter to her,” Böhm said. “She is as cute and lovely and as playful as the first day.”

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