Rescued Kitten Has An Unusual Silver Coat That Makes Her Look Like A Tiny Baby Raccoon



Meet Janie, a tiny and super cute kitten who recently became an Internet sensation thanks to her uniquely-colored fur. People adore and love her so much because she has an unusual silver fur that makes her look like a tiny baby raccoon.

Janie was found abandoned on the side of the road in Ontario, Canada a few months ago. After being rescued, she was taken to the Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue.

“Janie was found all alone on a sidewalk. The people who found her told me she was screaming for her life. She was left in the full sun which resulted in some pretty bad burns on her back paws,” Melissa, the founder of the rescue, told Bored Panda. “Janie is now 8 weeks! She was about 24 hours old when I rescued her.”

According to Melissa, Janie was playful and sweet despite weighing only 82 grams. The kitten was kept in an incubator for 2 weeks, bottle-fed, and then was introduced to the cat mommy named June, who was rescued as a pregnant cat a few weeks prior.

“June immediately accepted Janie as her own as soon as I was able to safely introduce them. June had to lick and clean her for a good 10 minutes, and then she cuddled up with everyone while June’s babies were nursing. It was such a sweet moment to witness,” Melissa said.

Under the love and care of Melissa and June the cat, Janie is now a strong and active kitten. Thousands of people all around the world fall in love with Janie and her silvery coat. This phenomenon is known as “fever coat” and it typically occurs when the mother is ill while being pregnant. There’s nothing dangerous about it to Janie, but she will probably lose the color once she grows up.

“Her personality is so special! She’s extremely friendly, sassy, fearless and very affectionate! She’s constantly going around purring!” Mellissa told us. “I think people fell in love with her because she looks “different”. Janie was born with a fever coat which can happen when pregnant cats are sick or stressed. People also love her story because she got to join my other fosters, June and her 4 babies.”

Melissa also shared about her work, “I started a rescue on my own back in 2017. I was a previous volunteer for my local OSPCA in Cornwall, Ontario. Each weekend I was there I would witness people bringing in tiny newborn kittens and the staff would stick them in a room and close the door. I eventually connected the dots. They were euthanizing them instead of trying to save them. It really upset me! I cried for months and tried to figure out a way for them to let me foster. I was denied even though I offered to fully fund the care they needed. I also offered to bring the kittens back when age appropriate for adoption so they could still make on their adoption fee. No luck! I ended up fostering for another rescue for a few months and then decided to start my own rescue.”

“The best part of rescuing is watching my foster babies grow and thrive in my care. It’s extremely rewarding!” Melissa told Bored Panda. “It’s also so awesome to get to watch their adoptive families fall in love with them! I’m super fortunate that majority of my adoptive families stay in touch and constantly share updates. Some have even made Instagram accounts for all my followers and supporters can continue watching them grow!”

We invite you to sit back and enjoy some sweet and adorable photos of little Janie.

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