Rescued Kitten Named Baby Repays Her Owner With Love


A kitten named Baby was found in a hole under her rescuer’s backyard fence. Baby’s mother had left her to fend for herself after moving her own litter, orphaning her. Left all alone and hungry under the fence, Baby started meowing, which eventually caught the attention of her rescuer. Her rescuer quickly scooped her up and brought her into the house, providing her round-the-clock care.

Rescued Kitten

He had to bottle feed her and warm up her bed every 2.5 hours, even waking up or coming back early to do so.

Rescued Kitten

After 10 days of intensive care, Baby opened her eyes on the eleventh day and began exploring her new home.

Baby quickly got used to her new home and loved to spend her time sunbathing near the windows.

Rescued Kitten

As she got older, Baby’s bond with her owner grew stronger.

She returns her owner’s affection by lounging on her owner’s tummy and even taking daily naps on his shoulder.

According to her owner, Baby would be especially affectionate when her owner returns home from work or a business trip.

Her owner decided to share Baby’s story online, which went viral quickly.

Needles to say, many netizens were touched by the pair’s heartwarming relationship.

Now Baby is all grown up and has blossomed into a beautiful cat, with an affectionate and good-natured personality. Even though her owner initially didn’t really want a pet, he was thankful to have found Baby and welcome her as a part of his family.


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