Rescuer Approaches Dying Dog on the Street in Last-Ditch Attempt to Save Her Life –



This story that comes from Bulgaria is one of the most amazing we’ve ever heard of. When Rudozem Street Dog Rescue got a call about a dog that was on the brink of death, they showed up at the scene and knew they had to give her a second chance.

The poor animal was so fragile and malnourished that she couldn’t even stand on her feet.

It was a devastating sight and the rescuers’ hearts broke into a million pieces knowing that the dog spent so much time struggling and in pain and no one tried to help her before.

Thankfully, they were there to do all in their power for her life to change.

Her condition was severe and she was running out of time so they had to act quickly.

Hurt both physically and emotionally, the life on the street took its toll on her.

However, her strong spirit didn’t allow for her to quit trying and fighting for her life and that’s what kept her from dying long ago.

She was named Khaleesi. And her road to complete recovery would be a long and a tough one.

For the first time in her life, Khaleesi got a nice bath and it had to feel great.

This dog finally knew what it feels like to be loved and cared for all thanks to her dedicated rescuers.

Over the passing days, as Khaleesi realized all those people are there to help her, she wasn’t afraid to show that she trusted them.

Seeing her turning into a normal dog was a true blessing. Those around her were glad she was on the way to recovery.

What’s most, Khaleesi didn’t resent going to the vet’s, but she was looking forward to every visit.

She was receiving medications and vaccines that improved her health.

She also got a cast for her broken leg and cooperated with the rescuers and the doctors every step of the way.

Her face got a new look. For a change, a smile could be seen on it.

Khaleesi’s coat started to grow back and she now resembled a normal dog.

At first, she refused the food, but now she loves the meals she is getting.

This is what Khaleesi looks like today! Her transformation is remarkable.

Thanks to the support and the love she was getting from the staff at Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, Khaleesi the warrior turned into a completely new dog. Isn’t it amazing what love can do?


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