Rescuers Confronted Owner About Dog on Short, Tight Chain that Was Cutting Into His Neck –



The rescuers Sidewalk Specials got a call about a dog that was living outdoors in the owner’s filthy yard, with a chain so short and tight it was cutting into his neck. They confronted him about the horrendous conditions the animal was living in but he wasn’t willing to surrender Toby to them although he was aware his dog was unhappy.

Eventually, the owner agreed to let Toby go, and his rescuers could finally take him out of that awful place. The moment they took the chain off his neck, Toby felt relieved. Getting rid of that chain was the first step towards his new life.

Getting used to a new surrounding wouldn’t be easy, but Toby was more than happy to give it a go.

Luckily for Toby, he’s now has new owners and a new name, Harry. And yes, he even has a new best friend, the family’s other dog, Crunchie. The two spend their days running around the huge yard and can’t be any happier.

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