Rescuers Get a Call About Two Puppy Sisters Lying in the Road and Approach to Investigate –



Two sister dogs who were severely injured after they had suffered an attack by a wild animal were lucky to be spotted by a passerby who alerted the incredible volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited. These people act as angels and have never failed any animal in need of help or love.

This time, it was Charlotte and Lucy who received their kindness and experienced their devotion.

At the time they came across the dogs, none of the poor animals was able to walk on their own. While Lucy’s neck was injured and swollen, her sister Charlotte had deep and very painful holes all around her legs.

The rescuers picked the dogs up and were quick to take them to a safe place where they could be examined. It was discovered how both the sisters had deep wounds that required an immediate treatment with antibiotics and other medicine. On top of that, these two souls needed all the love they could get in order to be nurtured to health as soon as possible.

Eventually, Charlotte and Lucy were able to heal all thanks to the people who saved them and never quit fighting for their lives. If you appreciate what the kind volunteers did for these dogs, please share this story with your family and friends.

Take a look at the video below to see how the sisters are doing today.


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