Reunited with puppy Again Marine who saved puppy while in Afghanistan


There is nothing more touching than a reunion between two best pals who haven’t seen each other in a while. But when one of them is a dog, it’s even sweeter, as we already know that no one expresses emotions of joy and excitements the way our four-legged companions do.


Such a reunion took place recently, and our hearts melted. 

Reunited with puppy

Sgt. Jacob Fisher of the United States Marine Corps was deployed at Afghanistan. There, he met a dog in a cage who obviously needed someone to rescue him and give him a home. Sgt. Jacob Fisher knew he was the one to do so, so he took the dog and named him Jax. These two became best friends in a very short time. Sgt. Jacob Fisher knew Jax beloned with him and was determined to bring him back to the U.S.

Reunited with puppy

This humble man says how he wasn’t the one who saved Jax, but they saved each other.

“Jax came along and lifted everybody’s spirits. It was amazing how something so small could just cheer you up when you’re having a bad day, within seconds of seeing him.”

So, when Sgt. Jacob Fisher returned home after seven long months of deployment, he was eagerly waiting to reunite with his furry pal. 

The moment they see each other again is just awesome. We can see in their eyes how much they missed each other. This reunion took place thanks to the staff of SPCA International.

Take a look at it in the video below. 

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