Sad kitten walks up to women on street, begging for someone to help him, but then she notices his paws


Having certain disability doesn’t make someone less of a person, or in the case of sweet Scooter, less of a cat. Unfortunately, this cutie pie was born with special paws that make his walking demanding and challenging.

Scooter, however, never lost hope that some day a kind human who would be happy to accept the love this kitty had to give would come across. But, waiting for this to happen took a lot of time, so tiny Scooter decided to try and find a companion by himself, and that’s when he wandered into a woman’s yard. When she noticed the kitten, she could see how it suffered from a bad eye infection too so she rushed him to the nearest vet’s office.

After he was provided with the medical help he desperately needed, Scooter found his peace with his foster family. After some time, he got adopted and was given his happy ending.

Take a look at the whole story in the video below.

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