In Brighton, United Kingdom, one cat named Louis is an adorably fluffy furry Savannah cat – he adores his owner so much so that he hates staying home without him. Louis and his owner, a man named Darren Sherlock, have become an almost instant Internet sensation on Twitter – after Darren posted a picture of him bumping into Louis on the way to work.

It was all because mischievous little Louis hates to be home alone, and is known for exploring on his own whenever Darren is away. He loves being outside but would always be already back home before Darren returns – until one day.

Savannah cat

Darren had noticed that Louis was nowhere to be found after he had woken up but thought that Louis would return soon. While driving on the road, he spotted Louis at one his frequented spots in the neighborhood. Amused, he opens the car door – and Louis’s reaction was caught on camera!

His owner explains: “What happened yesterday morning is normally his routine – is he’ll annoy us until we wake up and feed him and then he’ll go out for the day. When we woke up, he wasn’t there and he was nowhere to be found so we both went to work, thinking he’d come back soon. I was driving down the road and went past this place where I know he hangs out sometimes, and low and behold, there he was.”

Savannah cat

“He jumped in the car and then I didn’t know whether to push him out the car because I needed to go to work, but I didn’t want to do that, so I drove him home, gave him some breakfast and then went to work,” the man continued.

Savannah cat

Although it was only because of his cat’s funny face that he had uploaded the photos on Twitter, he had never expected that it would go viral almost instantly! His tweet has garnered more than 50,000 retweets since then.

Oddly enough, Louis’s ID tag fits him perfectly – isn’t he a precious one?

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