Sea lion plays tag with a little girl, what happens next has everyone in disbelief


When kids go to the zoo the experience is one of awe and wonder.  But when an animal and a child have a connection, everyone will stop in amazement.  Especially this sea lion and little girl moment.

I’ve seen a lot of videos on the internet, but this clip from Youtube is one of the all-time best videos.

A child attending the National Zoo has a moment with a sea lion, the crowd watches.  The little girl runs from side to side and the adorable sea lion follows along. It’s too cute!

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Sea Lion

sea lion

But wait it gets even better…

Suddenly the little girl accidentally trips and falls on the floor.

The sea lion sees what happened and immediately stops swimming. The look he gives the crowd is one of pure concern.

The video clearly shows how animals can show emotion when they are engaged with humans.  The video has had millions of views and even more comments.

Watch the clip below can you believe that this happens?  Do you think this would also happen if the animals were in their own habitat?  Would they be as kind and concerned?

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