Shelter Dogs Stop Barking, Mesmerized As Man Strolls In With His Acoustic Guitar


One 40-year-old named Chad Olds is now an animal control officer at present – all the way in Vance County, North Carolina. However, little did people know that Olds was formerly a professional musician whose popularity enabled him to tour the country.

Shelter Dogs Stop Barking

Due to his love for music to this day, Olds still carries a guitar with him wherever he went. Vance County’s chief of animal services, Frankie Nobles, noticed his instrument and then suggested that he perform a song of his choice – for the shelter’s animals on 13 February. Both Nobles and Olds had no idea how the dogs would react until Olds stepped in and strummed his guitar. The animals took notice, and seemed to listen in awe.

“They just stopped barking. It blew my mind,” Olds recalled.

The social media results were so impressive, so much so that the two men decided to try filming a second concert on the very same afternoon to share on the shelter’s Facebook page! Their aims were simple; to make people happy, to encourage shelters to perform for their animals and to raise awareness regarding shelter animals.

Shelter Dogs Stop Barking

And now, all of the shelter staff have expressed their interest in getting involved in the next performance! The first concert’s success inspired both Olds and Nobles to introduce the performance as a regular part of the shelter’s enrichment program. Of course, with no shortage of toys, treats and lots of play while they wait to be finally adopted.

Watch the whole scene in the video below:

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