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People have heard of forming a bond with a dog before. Few realize, though, that such a bond isn’t exclusive to only inter-species connections. One shelter pit bull has proven to the world, however, that unbreakable bonds exist between dogs just as much as they do people.

Dogs are unfathomably loyal animals. If they feel a connection to anyone, human or animal, they will remain loyal to that companion their entire life. Sadly, that’s more than most people can say.

When a dog feels bonded, there is nothing that one won’t do for the comfort of the other. These two sweet doggy friends are no exception.

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Merrill and Taco have an unbreakable bond with each other.

Though the two are quite separated in terms of age (Merrill’s 3, Taco is 8) that doesn’t stop the two from clicking together like a Swiffer on a sweeper. Merrill is a sweet pit bull and Taco is a loving chihuahua, and even for all their differences, they are two peas from the same pod.

The two first came together in the shelter at Rocket Dog Rescue. Sadly, both of the adorable dogs were passed up over and over in favor of other dogs. So, over the years (yes, years), of living in the shelter, the pair became incredibly close.

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If you’re wondering how two pups could be left in a shelter for so long, you’ll be glad to know it’s because the shelter refuses to give up on the furbabies that find themselves there.

According to Rocket Dog Rescue’s website, they are:

a volunteer based organization…dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned dogs from over crowded animal shelters… [Their] ultimate goal is to create a world where all companion animals have loving and permanent homes and where no good natured dogs, no matter what their age, are killed in shelters because they are considered to be surplus or un-adoptable.”

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The two became so bonded at the shelter, in fact, that when Merrill had to have a life-endangering surgery, Taco wouldn’t let her go through it alone.

The compassionate chihuahua stayed for the entire duration of the Merrill’s surgery. They refused to be separated. For the few times they were forced apart, they both wailed and cried unceasingly until they were placed back together again.

One day, when a man came to the shelter to adopt a dog, he had his eyes set on the sweet pit bull.

This time around, though, it was Merrill who would prove her loyalty to Taco. When it came time to adopt Merrill, the pittie stubbornly refused to leave her best friend behind.

Source: Facebook/Merrill & Taco

The shelter pit bull would not stop crying on the day her new human arrived to take her home.

Best friends to the core, Taco was also crying loudly for her bigger, younger best friend. It was immediately obvious that if either of these dogs were going to leave the shelter, they wouldn’t be going unless it was together.

Fortunately for Taco and Merrill, their new human has a soft spot for dogs and a heart way too big to consider separating them from each other.

So, the hero went ahead adopted both of the shelter dogs.

Source: Facebook/Merrill & Taco

Thanks to their loving new human, these two best friends will never be forced to spend another moment apart, and that is just how they want it.

Even outside of the shelter, they are stuck on each other like glue. The only difference in their relationship nowadays is that in addition to cuddling with each other, they get to snuggle their big new human family, too.

We are just as grateful as Merrill and Taco that their humans took them in and gave both of the sweet shelter dogs a loving forever home.

To learn more about their unbreakable friendship, watch the heartwarming video below.

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