Shivering Dog Screamed For Help In His Bed Made Of Snow Until Someone Finally Heard Him


When it’s winter time and I have a hot coffee in the comfort of my home, I can’t help by wonder what the stray animals do outside in the freezing weather. It’s already too difficult for them to fend for themselves, but things get even worse when everything is covered in snow.

Sadly, many die of freezing or because of their inability to find food under the “white blanket.” Luckily for one freezing fella, the kind-hearted rescuers of Stray Rescue of St. Louis spotted him just in time as he was shivering and crying for help.

The poor dog had made himself a bed of snow near a telephone pole and was screaming in pain as the rescuers approached. At first, he didn’t allow them to get near him as he believed they were there to harm him. Eventually, their friendly approach convinced him in the opposite.

“This poor soul completely broke our hearts in two,” the rescue organization wrote on YouTube. “He was shivering and screaming in fear.”

As they managed to lift him using a leash, the awful smell coming from the dog’s fragile body told the rescuers he had an infected wound. Luckily, they were there to take care of him and provide him with the ultimate medical help.

Once in the car, the dog later named Weezer could finally feel safe. Realizing these people were there to give him a new lease on life made him wag his tail in excitement. It was the most incredible sight to witness.

After the ordeal he had to go through, Weezer now got a real bed; cozy and comfortable.

The check-up at the vet’s took place immediately after he had been rescued and as a thank you for treating him kindly, Weezer gave the vet technician a juicy kiss.

Unfortunately, the wounds of 7-month-old Weezer were deep and infected and had to be treated with antibiotics and other medicine. There was a deep cut under his front legs made by wearing a tight harness.

As for now, he’s doing great and is currently placed in a foster home waiting for the right family to come along his way.

His personality is vibrant and whoever opens the door of their heart and home to Weezer will get a best friend for life.

Below is the incredible rescue story.

If you believe you are the right person for Weezer, or if you are interested in adopting another dog, you can fill out and application here.

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