Shocking moment women drag dog to death behind car ‘in revenge’ for biting child



WARNING – DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: The women tie the dog around its neck with a rope before pulling it behind a 4×4 truck in appalling case of animal cruelty in San Pedro, Paraguay

A defenceless dog accused of biting a child has been dragged to its death behind a car – in an appalling case of animal cruelty.

Police are now hunting for two women after the dog named Tyson died.

The sickening footage – which Mirror Online has decided to edit – shows the moment that one of the animal abusers deliberately drives off with the dog attached by a rope around its neck.

She is seen putting her small child on her lap and driving away, pulling the terrified canine along behind her and eventually killing it in the district of San Pedro, in central Paraguay.

The Paraguayan prosecutor announced today that he will investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the pooch.

The dog is tied up behind the 4×4 (Image: CEN)
The truck moves off with the dog attached (Image: CEN)

It is believed the horror moment was captured by locals, who then passed the footage on to authorities and the media.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the women are the mother and grandmother of a minor who was allegedly bitten by the dog.

Local prosecutors are investigating the incident (Image: CEN)

Viewers of the video were quick to express outrage over the abhorrent act of animal cruelty, with one user named Renzo Batura Escobar’ writing: “Who are the people who did this? Name and surname!”

The investigation is ongoing.


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