Smitten Cat Falls In Love With “The Girl Next Door”



Do you believe in love at first sight? Does it actually exist in the animal kingdom? We think that if you are a deep thinker, the answer to this question will be a resounding no. For this reason, we would like to share a story of two cats with you to show you “love at first sight” actually exist and how great their love is.

Meet orange and white prince Scottie and Sophie, a sweet princess with fluffy black and white fur. Scottie fell in love with Sophie at first sight when he saw her strolling with her human. However, Scottie’s shyness kept him admiring her from afar.

One day, he finally plucked up courage to say hi to the girl he admired. As it turns out, the black and white cat lives with her humans right next door. Like Scottie, she is a rescue cat who is enjoying her happy life.

“In the very beginning when Scottie saw us outside he would run over but keep his distance,” Sophie’s mom, Christiana, recalled. “After a few times though he just decided to come over and join in following whatever she was doing.”

“Our backyards meet so we can easily see when each other are outside,” Christiana said. “In the morning the first thing I do is open the door for Sophie to be able to see into the backyard… many mornings [Scottie is] outside and they watch each other from [their] yards.”

Scottie is so smitten with Sophie, he even comes calling for his girlfriend at their front door. “If I go out on the balcony and he sees me he runs over to the driveway, cries up at me, then runs and sits at our back door for me to bring [Sophie] out,” Christiana said.

Scottie and Sophie are so adorable and their love story will be one of the most solid proofs that proves love will stand the test of time. If you love Sophie and friends, follow her on Instagram.

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