Stray Dog Doesn’t Stop Chasing Bus Until Driver Adopts Her



Jaypee Barcelinia recently boarded a Quezon City, Philippines bus and it was a day like any other. However, he did not realize that he was going to be sharing his ride with one very special commuter. However, he saw the stray dog trying their absolute best to board the bus and knew that he had to help. The dog was standing outside when the bus went by her.

Instead of sitting and waiting for the next one, she elected to chase down the one that had passed. Once Jaypee saw how determined she was, he wanted to make sure that she got her ride. What a guy! The poor dog had attempted to leap onto the bus at least six times but she could never quite seem to make it. The driver did not want to let the dog onto the bus for any reason.

They were afraid that the dog was going to bite a passenger. This is an understandable fear, for sure, but it was also unfounded. This dog did not want to hurt anyone. She just wanted a ride. We are willing to bet that her feet were tired. In the Philippines, seeing a dog chase a Jeep is actually not very common. It is easy to see why the driver was initially reticent.

The driver could not ignore the dog for long. After watching the animal work so hard to board the bus, they knew that they had to allow them aboard. “She entered the jeepney then took a nap inside,” said Jaypee. The poor dog was so tired, all she wanted was a decent place to sit down. We can definitely relate to that feeling!

Best of all, this story comes with quite the happy ending. The driver who did not want to let the dog onto their jeepney at first would soon decide that they wanted to keep her! Jaypee says that she and the driver are now the best of friends. They even have an awesome meet cute story to share with the rest of the world. We are beyond happy to find out that she will be okay.

This sweet dog deserved better than a life on the streets. Please share this story with your closest friends and loved ones, as a reminder that it is important to show compassion to stray dogs. They have the same wants and needs as anyone else and deserve our assistance.

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