Stray dog fell asleep with his head on his rescuer’s shoulder



A dog that was in a very bad shape, exhausted, malnourished, and sad was about to get his happy ending after a serendipitous encounter took place. 

The poor pup was eating scraps hidden underneath a parked car on the streets of Dubai when a man named Anand Raman took notice of it. Unexpectedly, the dog somehow knew that he could find a friend in this man so he quickly wobbled over to him. This approach was so sweet that it made Raman take the pup in his car and provide him with the care and love he was in a great need of. Once the dog whose front legs were a bit odd entered the vehicle, the sweetest thing ever happened. 

The dog felt relieved, placed his head on Raman’s shoulder, and fell asleep. 


At the time of the encounter, Raman was on his way to his sister and the two brought the dog to the vet who told them the unusual walking was a result of the dog’s undernourishment. After he started eating healthy and regularly, his legs went back to normal. 

Photo: Instagram/Anand Raman


The dog that was all covered in dirt now took his first bath and Raman realized its fur was not really grey but snow white. The sweet pup got the name Snowy because of his looks. 

“When I would take him for walks, he was constantly terrified that I was going to leave him back on the streets, so he would yank his leash away from me and run back into the parking lot of our building complex,” Raman told The Dodo. “This happened for a while until he realized we were not going to let him go anywhere fast.”

Photos: Instagram/Anand Raman


Needless to say, this kind man adopted the dog and gave him a forever home. The two now love each other very much and have days filled with fun. Snowy was featured in the “What the Fluff” challenge and Raman regularly posts photos of his loving pet on Instagram. He says, “He’s curious, a great guard dog, smart and a little too energetic.”

We hope this story would inspire other people to welcome a stray dog in their home because they know how to express their gratitude and will make best pets ever. 

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