Stray dog sees open car door and hops in


Many times, it only takes a little bit of courage and dedication in order to find happiness, or a forever home. When a stray dog took a notice of a car parked on the side of the road with the door opened, she decided to jump in and seek for a shelter. When the car owner, a man named Bill, got back to his vehicle, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Never in his wildest dreams could he imagine a new pal would enter his family’s life that way.

He could see the dog was very thin and probably hungry, so he offered her the only food he had in his car, a Rice Krispie Treat. The pup was so sweet, that Bill couldn’t leave her there just like that, so he continued his journey back home with another family member.

Stray dog

He was certain his wife would agree on adopting the dog as this wasn’t the first time for them to welcome a stray animal in their life. Having three dogs and a cat already, this sweetie would make a perfect addition. When he sent her a photo of his traveling companion, she replied:

“I asked him what our new dog’s name was,” Angela Shaver told The Dodo. “We decided to call her River because of where she found him.”

Once home, Shaver and her son along with the rest of their pets were waiting for River at the front door. The dog was a bit hesitant about getting out of the car at first as she felt save there, but she eventually got out and said hi by wagging her tail.

The family introduced River to the rest of the members one step at a time because they didn’t want her to feel overwhelmed and confused.

“Once they all decided she was OK, he [Bill] brought her in for a bath,” Shaver said. “She was covered in mud, blood and ticks. After she was dried off and some ticks picked off, she got a good meal. Bill made her a bed on the floor in our room next to the space heater. She slept there all night.”

River turned out to be an amazing dog. She couldn’t wait to explore her surrounding and spend time around her siblings, although she refused to leave her owners’ side. Her new life was a great one. Everyone showered her with a bunch of love and lots of food.

“We had one accident in the house the first night,” Shaver said. “But it was near the door. She had to go, but didn’t know how to tell us.”

After River was taken to the vet for a check-up, it turned out she had tapeworms, heartworms, and wounds on her face and neck. But after she was prescribed medication and was all cleaned up, she started feeling better. It was obvious River was now happy and satisfied with her new family and her new life.

Slowly, but surely, she is settling in with everyone around her.

“She runs in the yard and chases nothing with Winston, sits for cookies with Ginger and hogs the bed with Butters,” Shaver said. “The cat was very unpleased for the first few days, but is finally coming around.”

Bill is very happy he decided to get out of the car while driving home to Missouri after the fishing trip in Arkansas. Because if he didn’t stop to throw the trash that day, River wouldn’t get into his life.

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