Stray Kitten Waits Outside For Her Puppy Friend Every Single Day



That having a dog changes person’s life for the better is something a woman named Delfina Plaja experienced first-hand. Having the sweet pup named Taco as a birthday gift was the best thing she has ever received.

“Being the loving, affectionate, bossy, ‘horrifically’ energetic goof that he is, he brought laughter back into our home,” Plaja said speaking to The Dodo. “Those first few months we could barely function we were so tired, but we [my husband and I] hadn’t had so much fun together in a really long time.”

They all got used to the pup being around them and it really made their days more fun. Taco, however, needed some more time to be potty trained, so his caring human mommy moved her office in the alley of their building.

And it was only the second day of her working there when an unexpected little creature showed up. It was a stray kitten that seemed to be very fond of Taco.

“It turned out he had been living all alone in an open garage with a kindly neighbor feeding him,” Plaja said. “Clearly, he had been feeling lonely because he was the one who approached Taco, curious and wanting to cuddle and play.“

Realizing how excited her dog was being around that cat, Plaja came up with the idea to earn the feline’s trust by offering treats. It wasn’t long after the cat started feeling comfortable around Plaja.

“This kitty was so cute and brave, and so obviously craving company,” Plaja said. “He had found us, after all, and I was sure there had to be a reason for it. Turned out, the universe was telling us something, showing us the way.”

The stray cat got used to be around Taco so much that she was eagerly waiting for him to get outside for his morning walk every single day.

“[He] was waiting for us in front of our building every time we went out,” Plaja said. “Taco would often whine asking to go out and play with his friend. It became harder and harder to drag him away to do his business or get him back home.”

Plaja did feel like it would be a nice idea to take the cat in, but she also said how she hesitated doing that. But then, on a rainy day, she was certain that welcoming her dog’s friend in their home was just the right thing to do. She said how she looked out the window that day and noticed the cat staying outside in the pouring rain, all wet and confused.

The next thing she did was getting out and taking the cat. The animal was scared at first, but then she spotted her doggy friend and her mood changed in an instant.

“He started purring and didn’t stop for 48 hours straight,” Plaja said. “He purred while he explored, slept, ate, played … the first time they drank together from a bowl that night, I think I actually cried, they were so adorable.”
Separating the two friends that loved each other to the moon and back was something Plaja and her husband couldn’t do.

So, guess what the did next? Yes, as you assumed already, they adopted the kitten and now sweet Tequila was officially part of their family.

This experience made Plaja aware of the conditions in which other stray animals are spending their days. They struggle to find food and shelter, and that’s something that breaks her heart. So, this amazingly loving woman is now raising funds to help more animals in need. Her goal in life is to open an animal rescue center one day.

“We all complement each other perfectly,” Plaja said. “The four of us make an odd, very goofy and disorganized, permanently late but very happy pack.”

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