Student Locks Dog In A Cage & Starves Him For Months Despite Repeated Warnings



A Miami University sophomore named Zichang Li is facing animal cruelty and misdemeanor charges after she was found starving and neglecting her dog for months. Dollar, her 1-year-old Rottweiler, was found severely emaciated and running a high fever.  

Source: City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police/Facebook

Animal Control Officers were initially notified about Dollar’s abusive condition by a maintenance worker. When they arrived for a welfare check, Zichang said she was “too busy” to care for the dog. The officers decided to give her a chance to amend her mistakes. They educated her on proper caretaking habits and feeding regiment, and also arranged veterinary visits for Dollar.

After Zichang missed the vet’s appointment, an officer grew suspicious and decided to check on Dollar. The officer was shocked to see the sick dog in the same position in the cage as before. Dollar was soaked up in inches of feces and urine and hadn’t been fed for months. He has been rescued and is being rehabilitated at the hospital now.

Source: City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police/Facebook

Zichang has currently been arrested and asked to pay $1500 for Dollar’s medical expenses and boarding. As for the animal abuse trial, she faces 90 days of prison and a $750 fine if found guilty. Further investigations are still on, and Zichang has been defending herself saying that she isn’t “the right person” to care for Dollar. Let’s raise our voices and demand a strict action against her.

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