Student’s service dog is in school yearbook and it’s so cute


Service dogs play huge part in the life of those people who suffer from certain conditions and illnesses such as PTSD or diabetes. Alpha is one of those brave dogs. This amazing creature facilitates the days of Andrew “AJ” Schalk who has type 1 diabetes a great deal.

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This service dog isn’t only helping in detecting whether AJ’s sugar is high or low, but he’s his best pal too. These two never leave each others’ side, not even while AJ is at school.

service dog

Everyone at the Stafford High School in Falmouth, Virginia knows and loves Alpha. He became an important part of the everyday of many of the students. They are all thankful he watches over AJ day and night, and . know how he saved the boy’s life multiple times already. The school even issued a special ID card with his picture and name on it. But this time, they went further and praised Alpha in the sweetest and most hilarious way possible.

He got his place in the school’s yearbook. Well, he did spend all that time at school, so we guess he deserved it. Needless to say, he looks handsome, and really knows how to pose for a photoshoot.

And as students loved the idea of having Alpha in their yearbook, one of them, a girl named Diana Bloom shared the dog’s photo on Twitter and people fell in love both with the idea and Alpha.

It’s really amazing when we hear how humans appreciate the role of the service dogs, such in the case of Alpha. However, it looks like he isn’t the only dog who got a place in a school’s yearbook. A couple of years back, photographer Jillian Christine who was taking pictures of the students from an elementary school in Lake Charles, Louisiana shared a photo of a beautiful dog named Rowdy. This lovely service dog was even wearing a bowtie and smiled for the perfect photo. In a blink of an eye, Rowdy’s photo was all over Twitter.

Rowdy, just like Alpha, is an important part of the family. They say how they never leave their home without him, even when they go shopping. As for the trips and vacations, Rowdy never missed any. He enjoys all the luxuries his human parents and siblings shower him with. He has lots of fancy outfits, and always looks neat. Just take a look at his bowtie, he really is adorable, don’t you think so?

I believe how featuring service dogs in yearbooks isn’t just sweet beyond words, but serves as a lesson and a reminder that these canines dedicate their whole life to helping people in need. They learn how to behave during lesson time, in order not to disturb the children from learning. Both Alpha and Rowdy taught children how to behave around service dogs and how important it is not to disturb them while they are on the job. Also, they showed all those kids how to act fast when around someone who’s in need of help. Because that’s all they do. Help humans live their life to the fullest despite the conditions they suffer from.

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