Studies Says That Only 1% Of People Can Find The Animal In This Picture, Can You? – PAWS PLANET



If you believe that nobody can trick your eyes, you will think again after seeing this black and white image. This pic went viral recently when asking people to try finding out which animal is hiding behind all those stripes.
This is an optical illusion which tends to trick our brains and cause confusion. According to The Healthy Soul, only 1% of people can spot the animal right away while others are having difficulties doing so, as all they see are a bunch of zigzag lines.

Do you dare to try?

If you are not seeing the animal, let’s try looking at the picture from a further distance with your eyes half closed.

Do you have the answer yet? Ok, we’ll give you a hint. “Native to the mountain forests of southwest China, this animal is one of the most beloved animals on the planet.”

If you know what it is, share your answers with us and don’t forget to challenge your friends.

h/t: We love animals