There’s A Tiny Town In Turkey Just For Homeless Cats



Stories like these make us swoon. It is always great to see others looking out for the lost animals of the world. If you are someone who has ever wondered if your cat would benefit from living among their own kind, this is the perfect story for you. This Turkish town is stepping up to help their homeless cat and they have created a picture perfect environment for them.

That’s right, these homeless cats have been given access to their very own city! A Turkish province has cleared the area for them and as you may have expected, the felines are rather happy with this decision. Those who are looking to pay this area a visit had better start saving up for their ticket to Samsun. The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has created a kitty paradise.

The town is located within a forested area of Turkey. While the town is known officially as a shelter for the animals, these cats are finally being given the chance to enjoy a whole new lease on life. The shelter does not offer any sort of discrimination, either. Any cat who would like to live here is able to. They do take one very important precaution, though.

In order to keep the population from growing too quickly, all of the cats are spayed and neutered. The gender or age of the cat does not matter at all. Come one, come all. The project is managed by a local vet named Hüseyin Aydin. Aydin is more than happy to assist these cats. He knows firsthand just how hard they can have it. He’s saved a legion of cat lives as a result of his actions.

He is credited with establishing this shelter by himself. As the onsite cat doctor who provides these animals with the care that they need, he plays a key role in their continued health and safety. Without Aydin’s help, we shudder to think of what would have happened to these poor cats otherwise. Thankfully, they now have a safe home.

50 cats are living here at the moment but there are plans to move more in. What do you think of this awesome idea? Is this a place that you would like to visit sometime soon? Be sure to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones, so that they have the chance to check out this location for themselves. Kudos to Hüseyin for this selfless idea!

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