Tiny Dog Has Priceless Reaction When He Realizes He’s Getting Another Treat



Dog owners everywhere are definitely going to relate to this one. We all know what it is like to have to bribe our dogs. Whether we are offering them treats as a reward for going outside to “do their business” or we are simply giving them a little extra love, their reactions are too cute. We would spend our whole day giving them treats if that were feasible.

As the author of a children’s book and one of the sweetest registered therapy dogs that you could ever hope to meet, Norbert is quite worthy of treats. He’s three pounds of pure adorable. Everyone who knows him best says that he is exceedingly kind and polite. Therapy dogs deserve all of the treats, in our very humble opinion. The work that they do is invaluable.

Without their assistance, humans who struggle with a wide range of physical or mental ailments would not receive the help they needed. We are not sure why Norbert is receiving a second treat here but we are sure that he deserves it! This little dog has been working hard to help others. Now, it is the humans’ turn to show him just how much they care.

This dog’s facial expressions are absolutely priceless. It is almost as if he knows that he is going to get the second treat before it has even been offered. It is easy to see why this clip has gone viral as well. He deserves to become of the biggest Internet sensations this side of Grumpy Cat (may she rest in peace). Who can’t relate to that look of expectancy?

We have all seen this look in our lives, at least those of us who have dogs of their own. Perhaps some readers will be inspired to record their own clips and share them with the rest of the world. Norbert is definitely one of the cutest dogs that we have seen in some time. We are glad that he is being given all of the treats by his friendly owners.

If you enjoyed this clip as much as we did, please take a moment to share away. His eyes say it all, don’t they? We wish that we could reach through the phone and give him a great, big hug. Keep up the good work, Norbert! We are more than sure that his owners are going to be willing to keep those treats coming.

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