Tiny Puppy Ends Up On The Streets After Owner Discards Her ‘Gift’


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Tiny Puppy

Hope For Paws’ 24/7 rescue operation service was alerted about a scared dog hiding in the bushes. When they arrived at the scene, they saw a lovely, tiny, Tiny Puppy who ended up on the streets because it was treated as an unwanted gift. Thanks to the fast response from the rescuers, the puppy is now in safe hands.

When they took “Fox” back to the vet for a check up and a bath, they checked for a microchip but were saddened by what his “owner” had to say. They learned that Fox had been given to a woman as a gift but she really didn’t want him, so he ended up on the streets to fend for himself!

Thankfully, Fox’s terrible ordeal is now over and he is being fostered with Pal Rescue and is sure to find a loving home!

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