Two Poor Souls Find Friendship In Each Other After Being Abandoned Alone



Two newborn kittens found abandoned in very similar and dangerous circumstances. Thankfully, the rescuers discovered and saved them just in time. The poor animals were cared and loved by Mending Spirits Animal Rescue. However, they craved more than just love and attention to survive and thrive. Under the same circumstances, the two souls found friendship in each other and now become best friends.

It began on Friday the 11th, when workers at a dump near Mankato, Minnesota found a ginger kitten under one of the docks. The little baby was all alone and crying.

The workers waited to see if a mama cat returned to the area. They thought that the mommy may have been frightened when humans with loud machines showed up at the buffet. But after waiting for a few hours, they didn’t see another feline, so they decided to help the kitten.

They contacted to Mending Spirits Animal Rescue to call for help. The rescue quickly got the tiny kitten into their foster care. After realizing that he was safe, the kitten quickly snuggled up with humans who saved him. He spent the first night in the warm home of the organizations president before moving into the home of foster mom, Angie Kimes.

“Huge thank you to the kind and loving person who reached out to MSAR for help. This little one is less than a week old. We can’t wait to see this baby grow and thrive as a house lion in training!”

But it was only a day later, the rescue saved another lost soul in need of assistance! A caring human found the kitten hiding in the storage section of a pickup truck, again all alone.

When the staff let the two meet each other, they quickly snuggled and cuddled with each other.

Angie began snapping pictures and taking video.

Angie named the kittens after two of her favorite childhood movies.

Meet little ginger boy, Herbie, after Herbie, the Love Bug. He weighed about 5.5 pounces when saved from the trash pile.

And sweet little tabby girl, Pippi, for Pippi Longstocking. She weighed about 6 pounces when found.

Herbie and Pippi will be ready for adoption in a couple months, and we hope that the two souls get to stay together. Until then, they will continue to eat, sleep, poop and grow.

“Kitten formula, heating pads and other supplies needed for Herbie and Pippi have been added to Mending Spirits’ Amazon wish list. Cash to support the organization’s biggest expense — veterinarian care — also is welcomed at”

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