UPS Driver Made It His Goal To Take A Pic With Every Dog On His Route


If you are a dog owner you are probably well aware of the bond these amazing creatures form with the mailmen and the postal workers. I don’t think there is a canine out there who doesn’t wag its tail when these people are around or approaching their owner’s place. Jason Hardesty, a UPS driver in New Orleans loves the dogs even more than they love him. He knows each and every one of them very well and never forgets to give them a belly rub while delivering packages. What’s most, he sometimes buys them treats, too.

This amazing man decided to take a photo with each of the doggies he meets on his route and share them on his Instagram account. Needless to say, people loved the idea and adore his fun and cute photos. Meet Jason’s furry friends below.

#1 Bit

UPS Driver

#2 Prince

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