Veterinarian Couple Invites Two Special Guests To Join Their Wedding Party



Meet Michele Bangsboll and Nick Anderson, the newlyweds who are both veterinarians and cat lovers in Colorado. The couple met in St. Matthew’s University on Grand Cayman Island and found true love in each other. While they were there, they adopted two rescue kitties named Bam-Bam and Wiggles from a local shelter.

Besides dedicating their lives to take care of animals, they also volunteer at Divine Feline, a rescue near their home in their free time. For this reason, when they got married, they decided to make their wedding day absolutely perfect with two special wedding guests, Jeeves and Houdini – two rescue cats from Divine Feline.

The couple didn’t let anyone know that the kittens would make an appearance until they made their grand entrance, everyone was surprised. Thankfully, photographer Autumn Cutaia captured some of the precious moments on camera.

“Everyone in the bridal party was freezing since we had been standing outside without jackets for a while and we told them all to wait for one more surprise and then we brought out the kittens,” bride Michele told Huffington Post.

Jeeves and Houdini were available for adoption, so the couple wanted to find a home for them. They hoped that there were some of the wedding guests would fall in love with these cuties and gave them a forever home. Besides, the newlyweds also wanted to spread their rescue mission with everyone.

“We thought of the idea to help promote our volunteer organization by featuring some adorable adoptable kittens in our wedding photos,” the bride told Huffington Post. “Nick and I have always adored cats, which is why we decided to volunteer with the Divine Feline and have them be a part of our special day.”

Congratulations on the wedding! Wishing that their love never fades away! For more information on Divine Feline, you can visit their Facebook page. You also can see more of Autumn Cutaia’s amazing work on her website and Facebook page.

According to The Feline Fix, Michele is actually wearing faux fur! All of our clinic staff is either vegetarian or vegan! Don’t worry!

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