Veterinarian Rushes to Save Stray Dog Living With Plastic Pipe Around His Neck –



A veterinarian from Bucharest, Romania, went the extra mile for a stray dog in need of help. The rescue mission took place on a cold day, so the vet was forced to walk through the deep snow for six hours in order to find the poor animal.

But Rosu Ovidu would never miss the chance to give vulnerable animals a second chance no matter the weather conditions. His organization, The Outdoor Rescue Vet, always answers the cries for help, and this mission wasn’t an exception.

Marinela Tudor, the woman who alerted Ovidu of the animal, told him how the dog was living with a plastic pipe around his neck after someone put it there thinking it was fun.

The moment Ovidu finally spotted the dog, he took his scissors out and got rid of the pipe that cut through his skin and constrained his head movements over time.

The dog is now free of that plastic pipe that caused him so much trouble and is currently staying at Asociatia Paws United, a dog shelter that belongs to Marinela. Hopefully, once he recovers completely he would be placed for adoption and find his happiness with a loving family.

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