Vets Were Convinced Pup Born With 5 Legs Won’t Survive, Now He’s Looking For A Forever Home



The life story of bulldog Ellery Max is a very special one. Well, more or less as special as he is himself. Namely, this sweet pup was born with an extra leg and doctors said how he wouldn’t survive. They even believed Ellery wouldn’t make it past a few hours. But guess what? This brave fighter proved both them and his breeder wrong.

He ended up at a shelter in Southern California, and that’s when someone special showed up in his life.

Laura Lee Labelle from The Labelle Foundation knew Ellery was way to cute and way too special not to take him in and give him a second chance in life. She trusted in this loving creature, and Ellery started to flourish.

Despite being unable to open his tiny eyes for the first three weeks of his life, and his inability to ingest formula, Ellery eventually started swallowing the food and turned into a happy and a healthy baby.

His extra leg stopped growing but would make him troubles walking, so it was surgically removed.

Laura never lost hope that Ellery would resemble a normal pup one day, and her love and devotion made it happen.

Today, Ellery is a vibrant dog who is always looking forward to playing with his furry and human friends.

He’s currently looking for someone to come along and adopt him, and we honestly hope it would happen very soon.

If you believe you are the right person to be this sweet pup’s mommy or daddy please visit Road Dogs & Rescue and apply to adopt Ellery.

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