Watch As Funny Baby Moose Attacks Backyard Sprinkler



Living in the city only allows us to be surrounded by buildings, malls, and traffic. So taking a break from that kind of life and getting close to the nature will help us clear our body and mind. Plus, if we are lucky enough, we may stumble upon sweet creatures such as the baby moose from the video below.

Just imagine having an animal like that in your backyard, playing with your sprinkles. I guess the feeling is unbelievable. Now, if you want to see what it looks like for a moose to pay you a visit, Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams is here to show it to you.

He and his family often see moose wandering around their neighborhood in Alaska, and this time they decided to treat them with a nice summer surprise. Having the sprinkles on, they only waited for the visitors to come and enjoy themselves. The best thing of all is that they managed to capture it all on a video so that we can enjoy watching, too.

The baby moose is curious to see what is it that falls to the ground into circles and hesitates a bit before it decides to approach closer. And that’s when the real show starts. The sweet baby runs around the sprinkler, slips on the wet grass, gets up, and then does all that again and again. Williams says that “he loves how watching moose is a family event in this house.”

The mommy moose is casually grazing in the grass behind the three as her baby is exploring the surrounding and comes into touch with the humans and their crazy water invention.

After spending a day filled with so much joy, we are sure the moose will come for more in the days to come. Williams and his family are looking forward to the future encounters, and honestly, so do we.

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