Teen bravely fights off Hawk after bird swoops down and tries to take Yorkie


As this world becomes a crowded place, many struggle to find the perfect home which many times results in building places to reside in the secluded areas where wild animals live. This makes humans selfish as they rarely take into consideration the fact that someone else’s home is ruined for the sake of their own.

As a result, many animals such as bears and raccoons are getting used to the presence of humans around their natural habitat and their fear of us slowly fades away. This makes them feel more comfortable approaching closer to us and our pets which may lead to dangerous encounters and the dispatching of predators.

Raccoons, coyotes, and birds of prey very often see in the pets an easy pray to feast on. Owners are trying to come up with different solutions of keeping their little ones safe. Someone even came up with the idea to create a vest with spikes which would likely keep the predators away.

However, not rarely, the assailants can come from the sky. Many times, we’ve witnessed hawks getting down out of the blue and picking small dogs from people’s yards. This has to be terrifying to watch and a traumatic experience for both the pet and the owner.

After they catch their prey, they usually drop it on the ground trying to kill it before they eat it. This is what happened to a sweet little Pomeranian named Tee. It was killed by a hawk in the family’s house’s backyard.

A similar attack happened to another cute pup named Lulu. She is a 2-pound Yorkshire who somehow ended up in the claws of a hawk. If it wasn’t for her owner, 15-year-old Cecilia Celis, the dog would ended up dead. Luckily, the girl took a pillow and started smacking the giant bird, which eventually flew off.

The girl later told WSBT what really happened that day.

“We were inside making tacos, and we hear crying. We just hear them barking and crying, so we are like ‘oh they’re just play fighting’ and a second later, I just look outside. We see a huge bird fly up, and I yell at the bird, ‘get off my dog! Get off my dog!’”

The poor pup was rescued just on time. The bird, however, made a hole in Lulu’s neck that the vet was able to patch. This incident made Cecilia aware that she should keep a close eye on her dogs all the time, because danger comes from everywhere, even from the sky. She also wants to warn other residents of Las Vegas, Nevada, to be more careful because there are lots of hawks out there looking for a prey.

“We just hope that the bird gets captured,” Cecilia said. “Bird comes out of nowhere. It could happen to any of us.”

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