White Stray Dog Could Not Move — But Someone Wouldn’t Let Her


On the roads of Taiwan, one white stray dog had been spotted by a good Samatarian as it laid by the roadsides without any proper sources of food, shelter, care or water. It had been found alone, and seemed to have no owner due to the lack of a microchip and identity tag.

All the poor canine had was a cardboard makeshift home in the field of weeds and human trash. Its eyes were also lifeless, as if it had resigned itself to a horrid fate and awaiting to naturally pass away all alone.

But the person who had found the dog was having none of that – its life was going to change for the better.

White Stray Dog

Despite the dog’s poor physical and unhygienic state, its rescuer could not bear to leave it behind. With just a car ride, it was off to the vet’s for a proper check-up, treatment and clean-up. With a few dog treats on hand, that seemed to do the trick – and the dog climbed into its rescuer’s car.

After those hurdles were cleared, another issue has came up – the pup now needs a loving home. Turns out, its rescuer eventually became its new owner. Plus, her first real meal in a safe and sheltered environment was such a precious moment to see. For the canine, it was no longer a hard life on the streets on its own, but a loving future to look forward to with its new family.

White Stray Dog

Watch the dog’s story unfold in the video below!

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