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Have you heard of the newest viral challenge that involves some great music and a bunch of creativity? “The Git Up Challenge” and all those people who have accepted it and shared the video of their one-of-a-kind performance on the social media have been putting smiles on our faces for months now.

And as it’s not that surprising that many showed off their crazy dance moves, we have to agree that seeing animals being up to the challenge is quite unusual.

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A woman named Adriane DeWolfe from South California and her gorgeous horse Toaster impressed the whole nation by getting down to “The Git Up.”

Toaster’s skills are mesmerizing and we can’t stop watching him pulling the dance off.

This uncommon dance pair lifted their training to a whole new level. They forgot all about jumping and galloping and turned to dancing. But what’s most adorable about their performance is that the horse not only follows the rhythm just perfectly, but is dressed accordingly.

Braided mane, cute baby blue t-shirt, and a tiny baseball cap.

Adriane and Toaster added special touch to the routine while Blanco Brown’s country-rap song played in the background.

We had a fun time watching this horse doing “two-step” and spinning in the dirt, but it was Toaster who enjoyed the most. Don’t trust us? Just look at his happy face. He’s all smiles.

This challenge is so fun that Blanco Brown even made a step-by-step tutorial and people love it. One person wrote, “It’s perfect. You have so much fun with it. No “professional” dance moves required, literally everyone can dance to it! And it somehow makes you happy.”

And yes, spreading happiness and positive energy was what made Adriane and Toaster go for it.

“So.. Toaster and I have been working on a project for some time now. I hope this makes people smile.”

Well, it’s safe to say they did complete their mission of making everyone’s day, don’t you agree?

This video is both funny and impressive. And the end is definitely going to melt your heart as it closes with an adorable embrace between Adriane and Toaster.

This is what people think of their dancing and their relationship.

“Wow! This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. You are so talented and so is your horse! I absolutely love it! I love his name too!”

Another person wrote:

“Awesome job! I love this and have watched over and over, you are both stars in my eyes…”

Now if you don’t want to miss the chance to take a glance at Toaster going through the steps “to the left to the left” and “to the right to the right,” take a look at the video below.


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