Woman Creates A New Drawing Every Time Her Cat Destroys A Shower Curtain



Tina Hoang first met her pal Masuka during the first day in her new apartment. When she saw him wandering the neighborhood, she knew that she would have to take him in.

The two are now best buds. While he’s got some siblings to pal around with, Tina soon realized that they were not the same. Masuka has a bit more personality than the rest of his new siblings.

He’s a vibrant cat, to say the least. This is a very nice way of saying that he loves to get into mischief. Now, Masuka has been with her for seven years and she is ready to share some stories about his troublemaker ways.

He’s a strange cat but his mother certainly enjoys all of the entertainment that he has to offer. Masuka has a few favorite pastimes.

One of this favorite things to do is play in the water. His mother says that he enjoys spending time in the skin and she’s got the pictures to prove it. In addition to hanging out in the sink, Masuka also has an affinity for the water cooler.

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If there is any chance to play in the shower, he takes it. No questions asked. It is always easier to ask for forgiveness instead of asking for the necessary permission.

“I figured I might as well have some fun with it. Can’t get mad at that face!”

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This is a principle that Masuka is more than happy to live by. “He loves running water,” says Tina. She can rarely take a shower without him racing in to make his presence felt. Instead of being a relatively normal animal and simply hanging out in the bathroom, Masuka has a completely different method. He is not going to wait for his mother to come out of the shower.

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He would much rather tear a hole in the curtain and stick his head in! Maybe this cat has some sort of issue when it comes to shower curtains? We are not sure what the rationale is here.

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All we know is that it is very easy to laugh when it is not your shower curtain being destroyed. Tina has decided to roll with the punches and make lemonade out of lemons.

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When you check out the alterations that she’s made to her shower curtain, you will be screaming with laughter. One of the truly snarky captions that she devised has us holding our sides.

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Kudos to Tina for being willing to tolerate these behaviors. She can’t stay mad at him and neither can we. Be sure to check out his Instagram page to learn more about his antics.

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