Woman finds coyote on her doorstep



A Californian woman named Sharon spotted a homeless dog lying behind a ceramic vase in her yard. The poor animal was in a very bad health condition. She could tell it was abandoned and emaciated, and she was determined to help it.

But, as she knew street dogs can be hostile to humans, she approached very carefully and managed to place it in a fitting cage. She then called the animal services and stayed with the animal until they arrived.

Sharon hoped the rescuers would be able to help the dog recover as it was in urgent need of medical help.

The moment the Folsom animal service group arrived at Sharon’s place, they made a surprising discovery.

That poor dog wasn’t really a dog, but a terrified coyote. It did resemble a dog at first and Sharon couldn’t possibly note the difference.

This discovery, however, didn’t made any difference. Both Sharon and the rescue team were willing to do their best in order to bring the female coyote back to health. They contacted another rescue service specialized in wildlife.

Once at a safe place, the coyote was given the name Princess and her recovery started with a nice medicated bath and a bunch of food. Everyone knew that it would take time for her to heal completely, but they were there to help her resemble a healthy coyote again.

On top of that, in the rescue shelter there were other coyotes and Princess made lots of friends.

To everyone’s surprise, Princess showed her vibrant personality and it was obvious she was very happy. She spent all her days running around in the company of two other animals of her breed and they all had fun together.

But, as we all know, the place of the wild animals in in the wild, so soon after Princess was ready to leave the place, she was released in her natural habitat along with the friends she made at the shelter.

This story might not be as those we hear every day, when stray dogs and cats are saved, but it’s definitely one that brought a smile on our face.

If Sharon chased Princess away when she appeared on her doorstep, who knows what would have happened to her. She would probably die of starvation. But kind-hearted Sharon did just the right thing and saved Princess’ life.

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